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Things need to know when planning an overseas trip with your friends

One of the best things about going on a trip is the people you want to go with and having a well-planned trip. Things that you and your friends can do, to ensure that everyone is happy during the trip. The best thing to go with your friends is because you know them and you do things everyone likes and having fun as you go. 

Choose the right friends

Make sure you pick the right group of friends. Pick people that you can trust and know that they will do their part in organizing the trip. 

Chose the friends that get along with each other and that will spend time with each other for a week or weekend. Don’t take people with different personalities, this can cause some problems during the trip.   

 Pick the right destination

Each friend must have the top 3 things they want to have or do during the trip. Pick a destination that will make everyone happy.  Make sure there are things that each friend is happy with, or that are on their wish list. It is imported that everyone is happy, including you. 

Talk about the budget

Don’t talk about the money business over the phone or email. Do it face to face. Discuss who is going to pay what before the trip. Make sure everyone spends the same limited amount on the spending money and chooses someone who is responsible and that can handle the money.      

Divide the responsibility  

don’t let one person handle all the responsibility. Make sure everyone in the group has something to remember or bring. Everyone is going to go on a trip and everyone is responsible to bring something. Don’t let only one person do all the arrangements. Divide the responsibilities between you. Let one do the flight booking, the other one does the accommodation bookings, and then the rest buys the food. Make sure that you are doing your to-do-list before the trip and all the things that need to be done before the trip. If there is more than one driver make turns to drive so that the other one can rest. 

 To plan a trip is like playing a team sport. It is teamwork if one doesn’t do their part, the whole team goes down. If you plan a trip make sure everyone does their part and the trip will be a success. Make a checklist to make sure everything is done and nothing is left out and everything is done before you and your friends go on the trip.