Things To Know About Internet Marketing

 Internet MarketingTechnicians how many employees how many dentists whatever makes sense just to get a sense of the scope and the size of their operation and then where you guys at currently interns of revenue and this the reason you’re asking this is so that you can find out where they’re at today and then you can ask the follow-up question what’s your goal in the next.

Month sand another way to phrase this questions you know if we could teleport in the future months and everything went according to plan where would you like to see yourself in the next months interns of customers in terms of revenue sin terms of whatever metric is important to now and asking these questions gives you the ability to build a little bit oaf relationship with a customer where they start to feel like you care about them you’re asking.

Major Benefits of Internet Marketing

Questions and you’re trying to learn about them as opposed to just sell your wares and this is a quote that I’ve always want to be real powerful and that is they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care so asking these questions really gives them that sense that you care so that you can then shift into reviewing your findings and this is fun because how many people come out to their office or talk to them on the phone and say hey boom and they launch into a sales presentation but they haven’t done any due diligence they haven’t done any.

Research and they don’t have anything of this value to bring tithe table or you’ve done your due diligence so what I recommend as you start to review your findings is first of all to walk them through their website so hey you know Jones you mind if we get in front of a computerize I’ve done my due diligence.

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